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Alexander Technique Barnes

The Alexander Technique in Barnes

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The Alexander Technique has been around for over 100 years. Many people have heard of it, but are not quite sure what it is, or how to describe it. Most people discover the Alexander Technique as a method of pain relief and pain prevention. The method and it's principles are very popular as an intervention for back and neck pain, as well as numerous other problems. It is extremely well known within the performing arts and is increasingly referred for rehabilitation from injury.

You may want to visit an Alexander Technique Teacher for one of the following reasons: general aches and pains, Repetitive Strain Injury, wanting to improve posture, better sporting performance, to manage stress and even pregnancy. Professional development (public speaking, confidence and projection) is another reason. Contrary to popular belief, the technique is not about relaxation. However, it is rather relaxing! Increasingly in these modern times, people are turning to the Alexander Technique as a method of bringing their stress under control.

Daryl currently teaches private lessons from his practice on the border with Barnes/East Sheen in SW London. Very nearby is Putney, Richmond Town Centre, Kingston and Twickenham.